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The original theme of “safari” in the interior – stylish compositions from famous designers

The original theme of

Stylish living room with striped print by Tara Seawright

Visitors to the Museum of Design are offered a selection of photographs that demonstrate the versatility and stylistic beauty of plant and animal design themes.

The best rest is changing the environment around us. We live in a dynamic world, where every second there is a mass of events.

Unusual atmosphere at home can help to relax, unwind and delve into yourself and your dreams. One of the most current design issues today can be called the safari motif.

Someone, perhaps, will arrange an exhibition of stuffed animals and birds at home, and someone will want to put neon sculptures of representatives of flora and fauna.

But do not abuse the decor. You can create an atmosphere of savanna in various ways, either as a result of a major overhaul, or with minimal costs, by placing the necessary accents in the finished interior.

First, use images of animals in the interior sparingly, as an interesting flash, so that the surrounding reality does not look tasteless.

For example, in the living room the main colors are natural brown, gray and beige. Against their background, bright spots that attract attention, look like a carpet, cushions and upholstery.

The topic continues with lamps and decorative elements.

The original theme of

Secondly, do not forget about the vegetative ornament on fabrics or walls, which will perfectly complement the overall picture.

In this style it is also worth using natural materials, such as wood, clay, leather. By the way, living plants in the interior will not be easily appropriate, but they will also create coziness and completeness of the composition.

The original theme of

Country Lounge by d’apostrophe design

Remembering the rule said at the very beginning, the authors of this project did not overload the interior and used only the head of a bull over the fireplace.

Thanks to only one piece of decor the whole room was transformed. Wooden beams, firewood near the fireplace, a painting on the wall, even original chairs – all this supports the general theme of safari.

The original theme of

Home Theater from Susan Hoffman Interior Designs

Third, practice large objects of natural shades. To give the desired color to the room, it is not necessary to adopt the direct image of animals or their distinctive features.

Our brain is used to making associations. Thanks to this, designers can create an interior that our brain will perceive in a natural style.

The general background is better to make one of the shades of beige or brown. Furniture should also be natural colors. It can be made from both natural materials and artificial substitutes.

The main thing is that they are close in their characteristics to natural.

The floor can be covered with wood or covered with textiles. In this case, it would be appropriate to use a carpet with a bright floral print.

And, of course, the elements of decor should correspond to a common theme, for example, lamps – symbolizing the trunk of a tree or a plant.

The original theme of

Sleeping among the palm trees by Ruchidesigns

Before us is a luxurious bedroom with an individual storyline. Stepping over the threshold, the hostess enters the fabulous world of adventure.

The exclusive design of the chandelier and night lamp is fascinating.

Wall mural, soft carpet on the floor and reed blinds envelop the mind and put vigilance to sleep, calling to believe in a fairy tale.

Waking up in the morning twilight, a striped chair is quite possible to take for an inhabitant of African savannas. The red and gold tone of the bedding perfectly enlivens this amazing interior.

The original theme of

Themed Lounge by Diane Bennett Bedford

To create a stylish living room in the ethnic style enough 14 – 16 square meters. And do not give up the furniture wall.

After all, even though it will occupy an entire wall, it is a great way to store things, books and dishes, as well as various souvenirs.

So, we have a completely classic post-Soviet version of the living room, and now we will turn it into an oasis of exotic mood.

To begin, remove the overhead lighting and align the ceiling, painted in dull white. The walls can be decorated in any natural shade.

The authors of the project wanted to use a pink-cinnamon, close to a light tree.

By the way, this choice was associated with the use of decor in the form of wooden longitudinal and transverse beams. And on the floor lay a laminate of a darker shade.

Thus, with muted lighting, consisting of mounted sconces, it turned out very comfortable.

In order to balance the color gamut, the designers put a white sofa and laid down a white-and-gray carpet according to the shape of the animal’s skin.

The savanna theme began its manifestation and will continue it with the help of bright pillows, as well as chairs with a delightful striped print.

Fresh flowers of different sizes, small decorative elements, paintings on the wall become the final touch in creating thematic design.

The original theme of

The safari motif opens interesting design ideas for children. Children love a fairy tale, adventures and bright colors.

It is quite possible to decorate the room of the child with colorful photo wallpapers, original carpet and even decorative elements, such as an artificial loach, an ornament on the walls of the shelves and a lamp in the form of a lantern.

Using twigs to create the illusion of a shrub is not a good idea. The child is restless, full of unimaginable fantasies, and even teenagers sometimes come up with the most incredible ideas.

Therefore, decorating the room of the child, first of all, you need to think about his safety.

Well, living in this wonderful country will be toy animals or a collection, for example, porcelain elephants or soft toy tigers, or maybe a fun family of birds will live there.

Finally, I would like to note that creating a safari design is necessary: ​​firstly, to feel the measure in everything and not to forget about bright accents, and secondly, to take full account of the possibilities of our perception of the world and, of course, to remember about security.

Remarkable examples of the transformation of the apartment in the savannah. Upholstery of chairs, armchairs, carpets, posters of zebra color always look good in the interior.

Making a bedroom or a nursery in African motifs is a great idea, it allows you to wander fantasies and hardly get bored with time.

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