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Russian designers – photos of original projects of Russian craftsmen

Russian designers - photos of original projects of Russian craftsmen

As always, the Design Museum is ready to tell its visitors about very interesting things. For the most part we are talking about foreign designers.

But in our country, in spite of all the difficulties, young Russian designers create and work. They successfully overcome organizational problems, lack of production, high cost of rent and materials.

Dima Loginov – one of the most successful Russian designers who managed to achieve fame on a global level. At home, Dima has no clients yet, but his collections are already launched in Europe.

The Turkish company VitrA, quite famous in Russia, is in the production of ceramic tiles Fancy Lines. Bright, unusual lines that suddenly turn from straight into wavy lines make this tile very elegant and refined.

Contrasting combinations of orange, gray and black create a life-affirming mood.

In Italy, near Venice, there is a factory Studio Italia Design – a world-famous manufacturer of modern lighting fixtures.

This factory has launched a collection of elegant Trunk lamps. Elegant and laconic, these lamps adequately coexist with the best examples of the Italian brand.

Russian designers - photos of original projects of Russian craftsmen

Russian designers - photos of original projects of Russian craftsmen

OPEN! Design Concepts

Studio OPEN! Design Concepts exists in the Russian market since 1996.

All types of design are available to her, to order the participants of this studio can do various design things.

But they have their own brand OPEN! JART. Under this name, the studio produces jewelry of unusual themes.

These are decorations in the form of nails, bolts, pasta and other items that are not associated in the ordinary mind with luxury items.

The necklace-bracelet “Bulbs” is made of rubber in combination with white gold. Incredible avant-garde!

In the frame of white gold gems are located – chrysolite, aquamarine, sapphire, ruby ​​and a rare variety of pomegranate tsavorite.

The unusualness of this product is incredibly attractive and modern. This combination is very congruent with the realities of our time.

Porcelain mug “Glass” of the same brand is a gentle synthesis of the usual faceted glass and metal cup holder. At the same time, the tracery pattern of the cup holder delights with the delicacy of the application and the grace of the lines.

Russian designers - photos of original projects of Russian craftsmen

Art. Lebedev Studio

The well-known Russian studio of Artemy Lebedev mainly deals with graphic design, but he also doesn’t rule out the subject design. They create and sell witty and functional gizmos.

The participants of the studio for the Turkish company İsbak, commissioned by the government of Istanbul, have developed a very funny form of traffic light. “Isiklarius” – the so-called new project of the traffic light. The model of the product is an exclamation mark.

The hinges are provided in the design of the traffic light, so that it can turn in different directions and even bend over.

“Isiklarius” is equipped with an electronic system that can detect participants in walking movement with low eyesight.

Drivers will be warned about this graphic image on the traffic light board, and pedestrians will be warned of the danger with a sound signal.

All traffic lights in Istanbul will be replaced by this model. Another amazing invention studio Artemy Lebedev – a modular lampshade, which can be assembled at home.

The product called “Abazhurus” consists of 20 completely identical parts made of plastic, which have slots and valves.

In the assembly of the lamp, you can use a different number of components, but the more details will be used, the more impressive and interesting the lamp will turn out.

In each part there is a hole for the cartridge, so the light bulb can be placed anywhere. This product can be hung from the ceiling or mounted on any support.

Depending on the choice of mounting, you can get both a chandelier and a floor lamp or a desk lamp.

The functionality of this item is incredibly high. It not only differs in aesthetic and constructive advantages, but also allows people who have acquired it to show their creative abilities and arrange the space to their liking.

Russian designers - photos of original projects of Russian craftsmen

Industrial designer Jaroslav Rassadin works as an individual artist, collaborates with various studios and brands.

Transport, lighting, furniture, accessories, electronics – everything is subject to this young specialist. He collaborates with the bureau Manworksdesign, is the main artist at Marussia Motors, deals with various orders and works on his own projects.

His collection of furniture Stream, according to the author himself, appeared thanks to his passion for the aesthetics of retro-futurism. The basic forms of furniture from this collection are a one-piece volume of aerodynamic properties with exquisitely curved backs.

The leather armchair Pipe has such perfect forms that it is a completely independent art object. In addition, it is very convenient and respectable.

Russian designers - photos of original projects of Russian craftsmen

Russian designers - photos of original projects of Russian craftsmen

Masha and Katya Yashchuk

Sisters Maria and Ekaterina Yashchuk founded Meystyle studio in London. This alone speaks of the abilities and dedication of these designers, who, by the way, also studied in the UK.

This company is engaged in wallpaper and textiles for wall decoration.

In the manufacture of materials using innovative technologies that create amazing visual effects. Designed with electronics prints create a 3D effect – a volume illusion appears on the wall.

Some products are decorated with Swarovski crystals, sometimes gold and silver plating is used.

The Storm Butterflies and Sun Pendulum, Meystyle wallpaper collections are made using LEDs that connect to the network, and the wallpaper pattern glows in the dark.

LED wallpapers are made by hand, each roll separately. They are made only to order, taking into account the individual wishes of customers.

Russian designers - photos of original projects of Russian craftsmen

Russian designers - photos of original projects of Russian craftsmen

Designer Danila Kuzvesov creates in Italy in the famous international studio Change Design. He prefers to work on the design of accessories for vehicles.

The Air Helmet is characterized by perfect shapes and a gorgeous silvery shade. The perforated upper part greatly facilitates the model and makes it very comfortable.

But other topics are interesting to this master. The Foo lamps designed by him are an example of the most modern art of interior design.

Russian designers - photos of original projects of Russian craftsmen

The Russian designer has long been working in Prague, where he created his own studio, Kibardindesign, which is known to the whole world for the design of unusual objects and devices.

The flying computer mouse, the phone of freedom, the calculator for playing the classics – these are some products that were born in this studio. The Black Paper 37 armchair is made from 37 layers of paper and 20 blocks of corrugated cardboard.

It turns out that ordinary paper can be not only a good construction material, but also capable of striking with perfect lines.

In this case, the owner of the chair can make any corrections convenient to him in the model – something can be taken, or one can cut off the excess! The wit of this decision can not leave customers indifferent.

Russian designers - photos of original projects of Russian craftsmen

Russian designers - photos of original projects of Russian craftsmen

Beautiful and clever Anna founded the British design bureau Anna Casa Interiors. She mainly specializes in interior design.

The principle of work of Anna is very simple and attractive. She believes that the design of a person’s home should reflect his personality, interests and hobbies.

Our house is our fortress, this is a place where we can hide from external influences and recharge ourselves with positive energy. Making a comfortable and beloved home should be out of time and above any fashion.

The apartments, which were decorated by the studio Anna Casa Interiors in London, are distinguished by simplicity and elegance.

In order to achieve the desired result, especially when working in small rooms with a lack of lighting, it was necessary to apply various professional techniques.

The space increased both physically and optically, for which systems of mirror surfaces and light sources were used.

One of the apartments is decorated in an elegant combination of gray and white tones, which visually expand the space and create an atmosphere of lightness and tranquility.

Neutral colors, the use of natural silk, the combination of velvety materials with a smooth snow-white surface form a cheerful and harmonious room, which is very important in the London climate.

A talented designer Anna Dodonova not only decorates the premises, but also designs furniture. The elegant and functional console G from the Reflex collection attracts with the geometric beauty of proportions, grace and usability.

This thing can perform many functions, it will look good in any interior and help you organize space beautifully and beautifully.

Russian designers - photos of original projects of Russian craftsmen

The Moscow studio Fine Objects, whose art director is Sergey Semenov, is engaged in the development of domestic object design, design and production of designer furniture and interior items. One of their collections was created for kindergarten.

The design and manufacture of children’s furniture is a special and responsible matter. Along with an attractive appearance that will delight the children’s eye, it is very important to provide all the parameters that correspond to the physiological and psychological characteristics of the children’s body.

And this was remarkably successful for young artists. Their collection of children’s furniture Baby really liked and children and parents.

Individual items of this collection, for example, a convenient streamlined table, can already be bought by anyone.

Russian designers - photos of original projects of Russian craftsmen

Studio Archpole Anna Sazhinova and Konstantin Lagutin began in 2008 with the manufacture of magnets, statuettes and various small accessories.

Currently, it is impossible not to note the enormous progress that is evident in the work of these designers. They are subject to architectural objects and spaces, interior design, production of unique furniture from quite traditional components – boards and birch plywood.

The furniture is completely unique and gives an opportunity to get an idea about the style and preferences of manufacturers. National colors in combination with the European professional approach give a very good result.

Russian designers - photos of original projects of Russian craftsmen

The home textiles decorate the room very much. The bright, mischievous pictures of the mattresses, which Oleg Kovalev and Anna Nikitina invented, delight the eye, create mood and call for relaxation.

The mattress “Chushka” from the collection “Russian Chintz” delights with its ornament and combination of folk motifs with modern trends. Mattress, I must say, the thing is special!

It comes into contact with the body, it gives the person immediate tactile sensations, so the authors working in the studio Smart balls, extremely attentively relate not only to the appearance of the products, but also to the features of the fabrics used. They use the softest furniture cotton.

The top layer of fabric is subjected to special treatment, which makes it incredibly soft. It must be noted that high-quality filler is used in the products.

And one more very delicate moment. A truly branded and professional thing must have an immaculate inside out.

All items made in this studio are famous for professionally processed seams and flawless fittings.

Russian designers - photos of original projects of Russian craftsmen

In the design studio “Estrorama” work talented, funny and witty people. To verify this, just look at the shop “Lollipop”, designed and manufactured by the participants of this studio.

The guys are engaged in very diverse projects.

The founder of the Estrorama brand, Andrey Budko, started with bright puffs and plaster heads. Currently, they are engaged in street design, produce a variety of furniture collections.

Designer Tanya Klimenko works with china in an interesting way, plans to create a collection of silver. There is an extremely nice feature for this group of designers.

They do almost everything with their own hands. Only in this way can you leave your mark on this world, says Andrey Budko.

Russian designers - photos of original projects of Russian craftsmen

Kharkiv student Sergey Karasik made a serious bid for a place in the profession, having created the Soft Geometry Chair, which was already marked by a prize in a student competition. It is safe to say that this “life props”, as he calls himself, has a great future.

Russian designers - photos of original projects of Russian craftsmen

Olga Filimonova lives and works in Samara. She does not yet have her own collections, but she actively participates in the design of exhibitions and various festivals.

She participates in competitions and is already noticeable in the sky of design art. Olga Filimonova and Sasha Filimonov are participants, prize winners and winners of many international competitions. “Waiting for the cosmos” is the name of the exhibition in Samara, which was designed by these designers.

Also in the museum “Samara Space” held their joint exhibition “Dialogues”, which became a notable phenomenon in the art of installations.

Russian designers - photos of original projects of Russian craftsmen

Marianna Karapetyan graduated from the Moscow Institute of Architecture. Her main occupation is building design.

But at the same time, she is very successful in the field of industrial design.

In order to verify this, it is enough to go into the room occupied by the architectural bureau v-e-r-j, where Marianna works. It is located on the same roof in Moscow in the ventilation room.

All the furniture for this room was made by Marianna herself with her staff.

The office looks quite innovative, it is very nice to find and work in it. The combination of objects that are clearly created in the style of hi-tech, with cozy homemade fragments create an atmosphere of peace and concentration, contributing to the birth of creative thought.

The design solution fits perfectly into the particular room, creating a space filled with air, light and the attributes of modern business life.

We can certainly be proud of these young, talented and courageous people. Their work adorns life, being a serious contribution to the art of design.

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