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Plywood stool in three different designs and colors

Plywood stool in three different designs and colors

Talented specialists of the Belgian design studio LMBRJK have developed and implemented an original stool with a stunning creative silhouette and an amazing view. It is available for customers in three colors: natural light, expressive chocolate and delicate smoky.

A professional master in the process of creative activity used specialized software and computers to build a three-dimensional model of furniture, which consists of eighty layers.

They were cut on an innovative high-tech laser-cut machine, and then glued together and assembled by hand in the form of a stunning piece of furniture.

Thus, the designers of the design office carried out their manipulations using plywood sheets to form an original and creative creative object.

The multi-level structure of this product not only attracts the close attention of others, but also remarkably decorates the decoration of the apartments, giving it unlimited charm and aesthetic appeal.

Plywood stool in three different designs and colors

The masters of the architectural company successfully combined natural materials and innovative technologies in a unique look of the product, which is not only functional, but also incredibly creative.

Plywood stool in three different designs and colors

This piece of furniture is an extraordinary experiment of architects with the form and methods of production, so it attracts close attention and public interest.

The unusual chair has three laconic and stately legs, as well as a spectacular sitting with a wriggling shape.

He will be able to remarkably settle down not only in the guest lounge, but also to become an excellent addition to the bedroom or kitchen. Natural wood in the construction of the object gives it an incredible charm and expressiveness, as well as it brings comfort and boundless warmth to the apartment space.

Plywood stool in three different designs and colors

The textured surface of the product was obtained through an accurate design and modeling process, as well as neat assembly. It gives it an incredible expressiveness and dramatic appeal, which makes it possible for a furniture set to become the unparalleled epicenter of the decoration of an apartment or house.

Plywood stool in three different designs and colors

Design furniture Sadl from the LMBRJK engineering bureau is a fantastic creative masterpiece. It is distinguished by its original design with a sophisticated and graceful silhouette, a stunning look, made using textured wood, an interesting structure obtained through the use of a laser cutting machine, as well as an incredible charm that attracts close attention and interest of buyers.

Personally, I have such stools associated with chanterelle mushrooms. Most likely, a special similarity gives them the fact that all the details were cut, then glued together and assembled by hand!

I, for some reason, am absolutely sure that this seat will be incredibly comfortable. What is important – Sadl wooden stool from LMBRJK studio is ecologically clean.

The product is very unusual, and certainly suitable for any kitchen setting. The peculiarity of the layers immediately shows that this is a high chair, exclusively handmade, which is very much appreciated.

Masters of the architectural company did their best. This is a great job to create such magnificence, to carefully glue together eighty layers of small parts by hand! From a long distance it seems that the chair is made of a single piece of wood, but at arm’s length you can see how delicate and amazing work.

Amazing stool made of plywood.

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