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Original chair and 545 layers of fabric

Surely the visitors of Forum-Grad know the name of the renowned and popular architect and creative person and Richard Ha Hatten. A few years ago, he presented in Milan a fancy Cloud chair, which is covered with an alloy of nickel and aluminum. After quite a long time, he decided to introduce a new model of his glittering original cloud – the Layers Cloud, which he carried out with the help of 545 layers of upholstery textiles.

Original chair and 545 layers of fabric

“I wanted so much to create a piece of furniture that was 100% textile, and not the one that was simply covered with fabric. Such models can be found in every furniture store, ”the author told about his masterpiece with a strip.

To achieve his goal, he chose a simple way: he laid layers of fabric for upholstery in layers. But the production of one chair went about a hundred different tones!

And then the master cut out the shape of his favorite aluminum cloud from this compressed mass. His new work of the same form as his first masterpiece, but only much cozier and more attractive than the original.

Original chair and 545 layers of fabric

Richard takes a little more than 800 meters of textiles on one such item, and he does not think that it is too much, because he creates real art, which is not worth saving. You can admire this piece for a long time, as well as the famous mountains in Arizona.

They are inspired or by the author who prepared an ultramodern and effective masterpiece for the Milan exhibition – you don’t even want to call it a subject, it is so luxurious and unusual.

Original chair and 545 layers of fabric

A huge number of sandy layers formed beautiful dunes of a reddish hue, which both attract to visit Arizona and its sights. The author wanted to achieve a similar result – to stun all visitors to the exhibition with a graceful, many-sided and magnificent specimen.

Original chair and 545 layers of fabric

You can look at this magic piece at Divina th. It was organized by Kvadra, a producer of high-quality textiles in Denmark. On her e account a large number of agreements with famous designers.

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