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Hammock for giving with a frame

Hammock for giving with a frame

The holiday has come, the time when you do not have to rush to work. You can lie carelessly and sunbathe in the sun.

Hammock is the best way to relax in the fresh sea air.

This view is intended for a family of three. In the center there is a hanging table.

It is enough to reach out and take what you want.

It will partially protect from rain. Everything else is made of the same materials and of the same quality.

The triangular shape of the design is not only an original idea of ​​interior decor, but also allows everyone to enjoy the sun without obscuring each other.

Hammock for giving with a frame

Here we see them near. High quality material, not afraid of moisture.

Each hammock has a pillow. Wooden elements do not allow the hammock to taper, which provides a comfortable rest and sweet sleep.

Kapron threads are designed for heavy loads.

Hammock for giving with a frame

The frame elements are made of stainless steel, which protects them from exposure to water. Another plus of the metal construction is weight (it will not be blown away by the slightest breeze).

Hammock for giving with a frame

Even in the absence of the sun in it can not only sunbathe. It is also a good place to sleep.

The crackle of the fire and the sound of the waves – a lullaby for the real romance.

This bed can be used not only by the sea. It will also not be replaceable in the summer in the country or in a country house when creating a beautiful landscape design.

This look is more elegant. It can be used for sitting rest.

Hammock for giving with a frame

Located in it on the terrace, you can admire the beauty, inhaling the smells of nature.

Hammock for giving with a frame

Its design does not spoil the architectural charms, but on the contrary, gives an unusual look. Having a swim or walking along the alleys, it’s nice to come sit in an unusual easy chair.

Hammock for giving with a frame

As you can see, it is also convenient for a romantic breakfast, lunch or dinner in the open air.

Hammock for giving with a frame

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