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DIY interior design ideas

DIY interior design ideas

More than once Museum Design pleased his visitors with original ideas from the category of “do it yourself.” But many of those who decided to use the advice of the site, would like to know how what was created with love is preserved or changing after months.

It’s time to honestly talk about what is happening with such products, and point out their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, enthusiasts who have already realized their ideas, offer a few tips to improve them so that you can enjoy your magnificent creation as long as possible.

Perhaps you are familiar with this original design solution – a device for growing indoor plants that do not require special care – succulents. It is difficult to imagine that just a year ago this tiny plantation was … an ordinary candlestick!

To implement this plan, you will need a minimum of effort and cost: it is enough to paint the top of the candlestick, put gravel in each of the holes, put the soil in there and plant the plants. You can decorate your masterpiece with sand and crystals. Well, the result you see in the photo:

DIY interior design ideas

If you look closely at the photo, you can see that at that time the succulents looked very healthy and “satisfied with life”:

What happened to the former candlestick for the year? It turned out that the plants lived there is not very comfortable. Drainage is not provided here due to lack of space, so it was quite difficult to care for flowers.

The owner and creator at the same time often had to transplant weakening plants and replace them with others.

If you have created such a plantation, if you fell in love with it and perfectly fit into the interior of the room, then use some tips to make your green pets comfortable and good.

DIY interior design ideas

If one part of the plantation still serves to grow flowers, then decorate the other with exquisite minerals or stones. It will be easier for you to cope with one seedling. The combination of the green plant with the charming brilliance of the mineral faces will create a truly unique image.

Such a decision will undoubtedly become the highlight of your interior!

DIY interior design ideas

Those who decide to embody this idea, it is worth listening to a few recommendations. First, it is better to pick up a container with as deep holes as possible. Of course, nothing prohibits the use of any one you like, but in this case you need to be prepared for the fact that the plants will require more careful care.

Secondly, the whole space should not be planted – succulents can be cramped.

This idea, only in different versions, is popular. In many ways, this effect is due to the availability of materials and ease of manufacture.

Neon paracord was chosen as the material for decoration, and macrame added elegance.

DIY interior design ideas

The result was an exquisite hanging vase.

DIY interior design ideas

Of course, many are interested in what happened to the product over time. It turned out that this development is also very strong!

However, it fits both classic and modern design; The vase can be used to decorate both bedrooms and living rooms, as well as the patio. By the way, any plants look great in it: from tropical leaves to the most common types of flowers.

DIY interior design ideas

Undoubtedly, this project deserves the highest marks. In addition to the fact that the process of its creation is relatively quick and easy, the result is also amazing.

In addition, there is one secret: if you remove the glass base from the grid and insert something different in color or size, you can purchase a new designer item in just a few minutes.

Those who want to add an attractive and very original touch to the interior design of their rooms will most likely like a similar ombre monochrome painting.

The technology of creation is based on the process of mixing paint of different shades and applying it in layers on canvas. By the way, this is a very, very exciting activity.

After the main work, lay the picture on a horizontal surface and leave it in the open air. Note that under the action of wind and sun, the shade becomes heterogeneous, resulting in a refined color transition.

DIY interior design ideas

The main question is – did the project remain as luxurious after months? Sure!

Below you can see how beautiful the picture looks on the dresser in the bedroom. Unfortunately, in natural light it is not advisable to take a photo of the whole bedroom, because the result is much worse than it actually is.

DIY interior design ideas

It remains only to note that the creation of such a picture is one of the easiest ways to add a touch of style and modernity to a room. In addition, this detail can advantageously emphasize the main color in the interior.

To create this unusual project, two perfectly circular rings (from two hoops) were used, joined together with hot glue. This allowed us to create a very solid foundation.

A flat piece of treated wood was selected for the shelf itself.

DIY interior design ideas

It should be noted that the implementation of this idea will require a lot of hard work and accuracy in the details. But the fact that in the end you get a modern and original element of the interior justifies all labor costs.

DIY interior design ideas

Does the status of “crafts” from the time? Not really. If you remember that it is intended solely for light objects and jewelry, you can count on her long service.

Shelf will help to demonstrate any minerals or souvenirs, which previously had no place. Very original and beautiful!

DIY interior design ideas

Summarizing, we can say that such an element of decor is quite modern and fashionable. By the way, the choice and search for items for storage on the shelf – the lesson is also quite exciting. The main thing to remember is to handle it with care.

But agree that this is not a big price for a designer thing.

To create such a product in retro style requires a minimum amount of material: copper pipe and yarn. And the ability to knit the simplest knots.

The author of the idea admits that the birth of the project was associated with the celebration of Thanksgiving Day in his house, and he needed to figure out how and with what to decorate the room.

DIY interior design ideas

It turned out that this panel … you can change yourself! For example, for Christmas, beige yarn was replaced by orange.

So the decoration is very, very functional and even universal!

DIY interior design ideas

In the next photo you can take a closer look at the yarn that was selected for this product, as well as the appearance of the knots.

DIY interior design ideas

General view of the dining room on the eve of New Year’s celebration can be seen in the picture below. The panel fits perfectly into the interior.

DIY interior design ideas

This panel today will be very popular, because wall decorations of the 70s of the last century are now released in fashion boutiques for big money. And such an affordable version of the expensive gizmos is very simple to perform.

At the same time, it is highly durable and easily modified.

That’s how the favorites among the home-made elements of the decor have been preserved or not over time. Knowing and considering all their disadvantages and merits, you can recreate any of these creations at home and enjoy them for a long time.

Ideas for interior design do-it-yourself just super! I like the round shelf, so unusual and at the same time stylish, although it’s not so easy to make it myself, but for her I would try and spare no time. Hanging vase, which can be updated at least every month, it would be a desire.

I think creative people will like such ideas.

For lovers of all living, real and green this article is dedicated. If you are bored with looking just at the pots with flowers, you can arrange the rooms in a different way, make them more unusual, but using colors or leaves.

We are glad to welcome you on our portal Design Museum! Furniture, interiors, light, decor, interior shows and famous designers are our best collection.

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