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Chest of drawers for the children’s room – Training Dresser by Peter Bristol

Chest of drawers for the children's room - Training Dresser by Peter Bristol

Probably, all parents know that tidying up a children’s room, especially a wardrobe with clothes, is often worth a lot. Pants, interspersed with shirts, pants in the compartment for t-shirts.

And about the socks that are scattered throughout the room, it is not necessary to speak. The most interesting thing is that the order that your child has diligently made in his belongings, instantly evaporates somewhere, should only the baby stay in his room for a short while alone with his friends, who have stopped to visit.

To teach his naughty child to accuracy and thrift in relation to their belongings, Peter Bristol from Seattle had a design idea for the children’s room: to create a unique training Dresser chest with tips. The author of this project rightly believed that if you add an element of the game to the learning process, then things can go smoothly.

The children’s furniture created by him, first of all, has the purpose of teaching accuracy and nurturing the skills of children’s self-service. The designer’s idea is that chest of drawers, having the form of the things contained in them, will help the kid to remember in which place the necessary things are stored.

And also teach him how to fold their clothes.

Light and fairly compact, this unusual chest of drawers will not take up much space in the room. However, it will be able to accommodate a sufficient amount of the most relevant seasonal items.

He has the most acceptable height for a child.

The little man will be easy enough to reach the top himself, open and close the drawers. But the most interesting and unusual in him is that the boxes have the form of schematic drawings of clothing: socks, shorts, pants and shirts.

The baby will immediately see and understand where to put something, and then where to find clean clothes. It is logical to assume that having four standard identical drawers, the child is unlikely to consciously want to sort out the clothes.

Nevertheless, a clear distinction in the dresser Training Dresser gives clear clues and pushes him to this step.

Chest of drawers for the children's room - Training Dresser by Peter Bristol

Peter Bristol, of course, also provided for a version of the dresser for girls, in which the boxes are presented in the form of skirts, dresses and T-shirts. Such furniture can be a worthy decoration of the interior of a children’s room, equally attractive for both children and their parents.

Talentedly invented and beautifully made by a team from Eastern Washington Mountain View Cabinetry children’s chest of drawers, manually made of maple plywood, 0.75 inches thick, and varnished.

The peculiar dressers are quite simply assembled with pins, screws and glue. Undoubtedly, this wonderful subject can interest and captivate a kid not only with a peculiar design.

But it is also unobtrusive to teach him to be neat and tidy, turning the process of keeping clothes neat into an entertaining game.

Chest of drawers for the children's room - Training Dresser by Peter Bristol

This is a compact original furniture for the child’s room, designed for neat kids. It is not produced in large quantities, but is made only on order.

The designer on his website modestly compares his offspring with the works of Dr. Suess and Pixar.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the price of the dresser is appropriate: it costs about 42 thousand rubles. How do you like such furniture, dear guests of the Museum of Design?

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